Water Balloons Make for Stunning Ginger Ale Spot

You'll Watch This One More than Once

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Some may say this Schweppervescence spot from George Patterson Y&R in Australia is derivative of recent Sony Bravia work from Fallon, London. I don't care. This spot is not only gorgeous to watch, it's just really really cool to see water balloons exploding at ultra-slow motion. And, no, it's not CGI. It was done with Photron cameras, which shoot up to 10,000 frames per second. (Creativity has an interview with director Garth Davis, who talks about the challenges of the shoot.) Better yet, the closing shot of the hissing soda bubbles almost made me say, "Ahhhhh." Do yourself a favor and click on the full view.

(If, for some reason, the Creativity spot doesn't work or it goes behind the pay wall, here's a lower quality YouTube version.)
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