Thanks, but We're Set on Canned Mushrooms From Vietnam and China

This Week's Weird Bit of Spam

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Sure, we all get odd bits of spam, whether it be from Nigerian finance ministers or the Italian lottery or clueless PR operatives who labor under the misguided belief that I'm ever going to open an e-mail with a subject line of "Press Release" or "Important Announcement."

But I will open an e-mail with a subject line that reads: "canned mushroom supplier from Vietnam and China." Why? Because ... well, what the hell? How could you not want to know what that's all about? Numerous folks here at Ad Age HQ have been getting this e-mail all week. Has anyone else or are we just special like that? The e-mail is after the jump. Who knows? Maybe this is the answer to the Chaos Scenario. Maybe importing canned vegetables and fruit from China is the best hope for the media industry.

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to consider what we can do for you. We are one group among China, Vietnam and USA.

- we have offices in Xi'an/China and New York/USA
- we have invested & cooperated with one Chinese factory in Fujain and also one factory in Vietnam

1) our invested factory in Vietnam

- factory name : [NAME REDACTED]
- We are packing "Canned Mushrooms" and "Pickled Cucumber" etc.
(Sweet Corns in plan)
- So, we can supply to USA directly

2) our factory in Fujian

- packing "Canned Mushrooms", "Mushrooms in vinegar", "Canned Sweet Corns", "Canned Baby Corns", "Marinated Mushrooms in jars" etc.

3) Canned Fruits

- surely we can also supply "Canned Yellow Peaches", "Canned Pears", "Canned Fruits Cocktails" etc. from North China factories.

You are welcome to visit our Vietnam factory so that you have more confidence to do long-term business with us for mutual benefits.I would welcome learning about your needs and how we may contribute to your sales team.
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