Westlake Hardware Website Meets All Your Zombie Needs

Zombie or Human, Kansas Store Has You Covered

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If one were to cruise over to westlakehardware.com, the website for, well, Westlake Ace Hardware, and click on the Specialties drop down, one would find at the bottom a very special entry. It is labeled "Zombies," and it takes you to the Zombie Preparedness Center.

Are you human? Here you will find the tools and material to not only zombie-proof your home, but to defend yourself in the case of a zombie attack.

Are you zombie? Westlake's got plenty of duct tape and caulk to keep various body parts from falling off as you shuffle your putrefying corpse around town in search of brains to snack upon.

There are even FAQs for both groups. A zombie might wonder, for example: "If I'm a zombie, am I eligible to enter and win the monthly customer project contest?" Whether you consider Westlake Hardware progressive or a traitor to the human race will depend on your current situation, but the answer is : "Absolutely. At Westlake, we're about small projects and helping you get them done. No matter who you are. Dead or alive."

If you want to tell Westlake how you feel, the store is on Twitter at @WestlakeAce.

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