Wonderful Pistachios Cracks North Korea Jokes in Rodman Spot

Time to Play Adland's Favorite Game: What Were They Thinking?

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Wonderful Pistachios has released an ad featuring Dennis Rodman. That alone is enough to make one question the judgment of the marketing team. But wait. It gets a lot, er, nuttier. Not only does it feature Dennis Rodman, it features Dennis Rodman and an actor portraying North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.


We'd like to think that someone on the marketing team would have raised a hand to say, "Uhhhh, guys, this might come off wrong." But nope, that didn't happen. They seem to have found the whole thing hilarious -- especially the part when Faux Kim Jong Un nukes Dennis Rodman.

Clearly, it's ill-advised. But we don't want to question the ad too much. Otherwise we'll end up like The Washington Post's Alexandra Petri, who seems to be suffering an existential crisis, or at least some severe ennui, after seeing the spot.

But we do wonder if South Korean pop sensation Psy, who appeared in Wonderful Pistachio's Super Bowl spot, finds it funny. (Maybe he does!)

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