Do You Want to Work on the Chevy Account?

Goodby Casts Net Wide for Talent on Recent Win UPDATE: Never Mind

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UPDATE: Oh. Never mind. Despite this site being tweeted by Goodby employees, looks like someone either jumped the gun or someone else got cold feet. now redirects to The new site has no mention of Chevy -- or its problems.

Handed the keys to a $600 million auto account, you could just hire a bunch of people already working on car business at other agencies. Or, if you're Goodby Silverstein & Partners, you could say, "Hey, let's just see what's out there." Besides, the world doesn't need more of the same thinking when it comes to car advertising. That seems to be the thinking behind, a website set up for people who, well, want to work on Chevy.

Aside from posting a resume and providing name and number, applicants are asked to answer one of two questions. Question 1 is specific to Chevy: "What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Chevrolet right now? How do you think we should try to solve this?" Question 2 is wide open: "If you had an opportunity to do whatever you wanted and were given 1 million dollars and six months what would this thing be and how would you go about making it happen." Applicants are told they can answer via YouTube as well. Now these are some answers to job-interview questions we'd love to see.

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