World Cup Advertisers to Women: Your Money's No Good Here

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The New York Yankees offer pink tees with rhinestones. NASCAR's got racing-themed high heels. The World Cup? For the women who make up approximately 39% of this year's viewers, Reuters' reporter Jeffrey Goldfarb claims they get bupkis, nada, zilch; advertisers seem to be only out for the male dollar.

Uli Becker, Adidas' head of global brand marketing explained: "It's the male World Cup, not the female one, therefore messaging is obviously more male-driven. At next year's women's World Cup in China, we'll have our answers to women's football."

He went on to ask: "Have we missed anything by not targeting more toward mom sitting in the room, ot the daughter? No. It's a family activity, and we are actually talking family. I don't think we missed anything."

Ahem. Maybe it's time for the ladies to switch off the adverts and pop in "Bend It Like Beckham" once again.
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