World Wildlife Fund Did Not Create That 9/11 Ad

Strongly Condemns Garbage Produced by Brazilian Agency

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If you've been reading any of the ad blogs today, you may have seen a WWF ad featuring multiple planes flying toward a downtown Manhattan in which the World Trade Center still exists.

WWF, however, didn't commission the ad.

Indeed, it "strongly condemned" the ad in a press release. It's an unauthorized concept created by an agency seeking the group's business in Brazil. According to Advertolog, the ad was created by DDB Brasil.

What's surprising is that so many people actually thought this ad came from WWF. It's not known for insensitive advertising or PETA-style tricks. Aside from the ridiculously crass imagery, the biggest tip-off for me was the copy. In the version on Advertolog, the copy (in English) reads, "The Tsunami killed 100 times more people than 9/11." Uh, which tsunami? It continues: "The planet is brutally powerful. Respect it. Preserve it."

That last line is troublesome on a few accounts. First, as one fellow Twitterer pointed out, it sounds like something that would come from the old WWF -- the World Wrestling Federation. Secondly, it's insensitive. Thirdly, it shows the creators not only to be tone-deaf but also to be scientific idiots: Tsunamis, after all, have nothing to do with preservation or conservation. They're typically caused by earthquakes or other geological forces, which, last time we checked, are not affected by animal extinction, deforestation or global warming.

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