Consumerist Lets You Say 'Bah Humbug' to Bad Holiday Ads

Vote Now For The Worst Holiday Ad Of 2010

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Do you hate that overly excited Target woman? Do the Hyundai Pomplamoose spots make you want to shout to the spastic, dancing hipster, "Take your ritalin! And take a shower!"? Are you left confused by Lexus Acura holiday ads? They seem to be making fun of smug, pretentious people who buy expensive holiday gifts to show off--which is exactly what you think of when you think of the sort of person who buys a Lexus Acura at Christmas. (Thanks to commenters for pointing out that I'm unable to differentiate between Lexus and Acura advertising.)

Well, now you can voice your displeasure at the ballot box. The Consumerist has opened voting on The Worst Holiday Ad for 2010. So go seek your revenge on marketers who've fouled your own holiday mood.

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