Worst Commercials on TV

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One night during my winter break, I found myself in front of the television, watching TBS's Funniest Commercials of the Year. Half of them were funny. All of them were funnier than Kevin Nealon's material (which was, at least, funnier than Bob Saget's bits on "America's Funniest Home Videos.")

But I do find myself in agreement with some of the nominees in another non-trade media outlet. Slate's Seth Stevenson and his readers offer up some of the most loathed ads on TV. Spots for restless-leg syndome medication? Check. Domino's Fudgy? Check. Annoying Intel commercials? Check. And (at the risk of disagreeing with Bob Garfield), the highly annoying, possibly blasphemous Gap spot featuring Audrey Hepburn? Check.

My own nomination? Anything featuring Subway's Jared. For some reason, he just invokes an irrational hatred that makes me want to go gorilla on the TV set.
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