Consumerist Launches Annual 'Worst Company in America' Bracket

BP, J&J, Facebook Among Those in This Year's March Madness

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Once again, Consumerist is hopping on the March Madness wagon and conducting its "Worst Company in America" competition. After sifting through "thousands of nominations" from readers, the site has narrowed it down to 32 marketers and put them in a handy-dandy bracket.

Making its first appearance in the tournament this year is BP, for obvious reasons. Good news for Toyota, which is going up against the Gulf-wrecking oil giant in the first round. Johnson & Johnson is also making its debut in the big game, because, the site says, its "McNeill division must have set some kind of record for the sheer number and variety of brands recalled from store shelves in a single year."

Airlines, cable companies and banks are making their annual appearances. There were a few surprises, including Facebook, Apple and Game Stop. Is your company going to the show? Find out at Consumerist.

Afraid and confused and unsure what this is all about? Consumerist Managing Editor Ben Popken explains the contest in an introductory video.

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