Worst Press Release of the Month

The 'Truth' About 9/11

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Usually, I reserve my scorn for press releases that are painfully clueless, badly written, spell my name wrong, get the publication wrong (I'm sure the guys at Adweek would back me up on the number of times PR people mix up our titles) or just plain don't work.

But today I reserve my wrath for the simply reprehensible. I received a release from the 9/11 Truth squad. These guys have been around since -- well, since 9/11 -- but apparently they now have a movie they'd like everyone to see.

I'm not going to reproduce their paranoid conspiracy ramblings here (or mention their movie or link to their site). But if the fellas are taking a break from uncovering CIA plots long enough to read this, I have some messages for you:

1) Learn how to choose your audience. Your releases only work on drug-addled college kids, then mentally infirm and Rosie O'Donnell. So please quit cluttering up my inbox.

2) Perhaps you should take a basic science class or two. Or at least read Popular Mechanics.

3) Check out this South Park episode.

4) Oh, and your mom just called. She said it's time you move out of the basement and get a real job.
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