Does Wrangler Have a Brett Favre Problem?

SNL Spoofs With 'Open-Fly Jeans' Spot; Jean Company Stands by Their Man

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Brett Favre has been in the news for weeks due to allegations he was leaving dirty voicemails for Jenn Sterger. Oh, and sending her pictures of his penis. He's fessed up to the voicemails but is denying he sent x-rated pics. Now, aside from repeatedly snatching defeat from the jaws of victory for the Minnesota Vikings, Favre is also a spokesman for Wrangler jeans. The spots in which he stars are still in heavy rotation on Sundays and he's still front and center on the website.

Wrangler spokesman Rick French told Ad Age's Natalie Zmuda: "We are following the story like everyone else. We are not making any major decisions on our marketing program until more information is available." Which is only fair. Nothing's been proven yet.

Still, Favre has been the butt of jokes for the last three weeks. And this weekend, he--and Wrangler--got the Saturday Night Live treatment. The fake spot is for Wranger Open Fly jeans and features Favre playing a game of football with his penis hanging out. Oh, here. Just watch it:

Sexual charges aside, Wrangler should also consider if an interception-throwing, hobbling geriatric is a good spokesman for the brand.

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