We Still Don't Know Who Writes on the Bathroom Wall

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When Rudy Duthil introduces himself as the west coast manager of experiential marketing for Zoom Media & Marketing, he says there's always one person in the group—usually a guy—who says, "Oh, you're the bathroom company!"

Guess who that guy was at a party last week. Go on, guess. That's right, your humble Adages host, who has spent more than his fair share of time staring at the patch of wall directly above the urinal in a bathroom bar. I made the highly predictable comment to Duthil at an AdColor celebration held at the New York offices of Arnold to thank those who were part of last year's AdColor awards.

By the way, Duthil, an AdColor "Rising Star," doesn't write on bathroom walls. Instead, his focus is mostly on outdoor walls, which he covers with graffiti for select marketers. He's coordinated efforts including the Sony PSP graffiti-tag campaign, office sampling efforts for Kashi, and a mural series for Axe.

Other AdColor honorees in attendance included Marcus A. Jiménez, creative director at the Integer Group; Dennis Liu, assistant producer at Saatchi & Saatchi; David Brown, president of BrownPartners Multicultural Marketing; and Karl Carter, CEO of GTM.

Carter also happens to be a blogger for Ad Age's Big Tent blog, as is Tangeringe-Watson President Carol Watson, who was at the party too.

Speaking of our Big Tent bloggers, the party -- and AdColor in general -- wouldn't be possible without the hard work of Tiffany R. Warren, VP-director of multicultural programs and community outreach at Arnold.
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