WTF: Part 2

Deutsch ECD Now An Expert on War?

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Danny G over at AdPulp was flipping through the channels when he came across " Deutsch LA's ECD Eric Hirshberg on the Dan Abrams show." And was Hirschberg talking about marketing or branding or creativity? Nope. According to Danny G, Hirshberg was talking about the war in Iraq.

Then again, I might take back my WTF. Hirshberg was joined by Arianna Huffington and Pat Buchanan. Hirshberg can't possibly be any more wrong than Huffington normally is. And, though I've never met him, I feel pretty safe in saying he's much less crazy than Buchanan. And he'll have about as much affect on policy as either of the other two.

Then again, while the other two don't have real jobs and can afford to blabber away on TV all the live-long day, Hirshberg's still got clients he should be tending to.
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