YMCA Rebrands as 'The Y': And Why Not?

Alphabet Soup Annoying Only to Journalists

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According to The New York Times, the YMCA will now join the rest of the world in calling itself "The Y." Not only is the name more "with it," as the kids might say, but no longer will all those non-Christians and non-men be so hesitant to join. (I'd crack a joke about old folks turned off by the "young," but geriatrics far outnumber the yewts at my local Y.)

The Times makes this odd statement. "Soon a special dictionary will be necessary to help navigate all the abbreviations being adopted as formal names by companies and charities alike: KFC. BP. Xe. AARP." With the possible exception of Xe, is anyone at all confused about what those letters stand for? But the piece does go on to delve into the sloppy mix of legal names and popular names and the need to retain some sense of history (or even clarity). Remember WWF, the World Wrestling Federation, which had to change its name to WWE after WWF, the World Wildlife Fund, had enough of having its initials being besmirched?

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