What's Your Yo Strategy?

Don't Get Caught Off Guard By Yo's Surging Popularity

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Unless you've been under a rock for the past 24 hours -- or perhaps in Cannes -- you've heard about Yo, the messaging app that lets you send "YOs" to your friends, and nothing else.

If that functionality sounds limited to you, it is. But that didn't stop investors from plowing $1 million dollars into the thing.

Today, the Yo craze is sweeping the nation, causing many to ask, do we really need any other words? Perhaps not.

If and when Yo becomes the world's dominant mode of communication, you'll need a strategy to reach consumers there. Some suggestions:

1. Promoted YOs
If you're having trouble building an audience on Yo, then consider paying for promoted YOs to reach more people. Then pay again to reach those people when your organic reach on Yo declines.

2. Real Time YOs
If a cultural event of any significance occurs, make sure to send a YO from your brand. You won't be able to explain why you sent it, but consumers will understand.

3. Native YOs
When you're having trouble getting your own YOs noticed, you may want to try a native YO. Simply grab a phone from a person who has reach and respect on Yo, and send YOs from his device. Sure, you're pushing your own message. But nobody will know.

4. Data Driven YOs
A wise ad exec one said, "I know half of my YOs are wasted. The trouble is I don't know which half." Enlisting the right data management platform can help you solve this problem. With it, you can better understand your audience, and send YOs only to people who matter.

5. The YoPhone
Develop a phone that only contains Yo and has your brand's username preinstalled. Then send YOs to YoPhone users whenever you'd like

6. Automated YOs
Sending YOs manually can be tedious and inefficient. Try automating your YOs with programmatic Yo platforms for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

7. Interns
Remember, Yo is still experimental, so pass it off to your interns while your salaried employees work on stuff that matters. Then, when Yo becomes mainstream, replace your salaried employees with those interns.

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