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Yoplait's New Yogurt Spot Is Greek to Me

Does a Man Escaping a Vending Machine Speak for the Product?

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When Ad Age last wrote about Greek yogurt in March, there were no plans for General Mills to do TV advertising for its newly reformulated Yoplait Greek.

But it appears Yoplait -- which owns the yogurt category with $1.4 billion in supermarket sales -- has had a change of heart. Today it breaks a campaign from Saatchi & Saatchi slated to run on TV and online through October aimed at proving that it has two times the protein of regular yogurt.

But the means to do so is ... confusing.

While you might expect to see beauty shots of thick, creamy yogurt or scenes of an azure Aegean Sea, instead the commercials feature a man dressed in white breaking out of a Los Angeles vending machine to the shock of women who are then offered Yoplait Greek, a "more satisfying" snack than whatever they've chosen.

How that 's relevant to the yogurt, is , well, Greek to me. Judge for yourself by watching the spot.

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