New York Post Hates Ads, Goes Liberal

Who Knew Tabloid Would Be Green-Friendly?

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Folks who saw the New York Post this morning may have noticed something different about it. The normally black typeface that announces the name of the city's popular tabloid daily had turned a shade of lime green, and readers were greeted with a special message on the front page: "Today's New York Post is greener with less paper and fewer ads. Enjoy." Did you catch that? Ads are bad for the environment. Well, Adages is too busy to sit around tallying ads, but yeah, we'd tend to agree that the paper did feel a bit thinner. It clearly had one big banner sponsor, though: Planet Green, a 24-hour lifestyle TV network that launched this month as a unit of Discovery Communications. A few other marketers, such as retailers Macy's, Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdale's, also snuck their way into the pages.
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