The New York Times Is Biased ...

Against Consumer-Generated Content

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Ben McConnell at Church of the Customer Blog takes issue with The New York Times' coverage of consumer-generated media.* The Times offended by daring to write that some "companies have found that inviting consumers to create their advertising is often more stressful, costly and time-consuming than just rolling up their sleeves and doing the work themselves."

Writes McConnell: "As the paper did with the advent of blogging a few years ago, the NYT is following the journalistic recipe of inciting fear about subjects for which it does not understand."

I don't know about inciting fear, but the Times does seem to plod into these stories sometimes. There's nothing wrong with pointing out the simple fact that a lot of this consumer-generated stuff is pure garbage and that the contests aren't always easy to run. But maybe ... just thinking outloud here ... the story shouldn't have been frontloaded with quotes from ad-agency execs, those who seemingly have the most to lose once consumers get really good at this.

*Sorry, but I can't just get on this whole "citizen-created content' bandwagon ... as if making spots for commercial contests or voicing an opinion about customer service should be a point of civic pride. This is about the relationship between consumers and marketers, not about "citizenry." There's no reason to be ashamed of a little capitalism. And I'd venture that skeptics might be more inclined to get on board if people who should know better quit trying to dress this up as some sort of democracy movement.
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