Did The New York Times Give MoveOn a Discount?

Does the NYPost Get Full Price for Its Ads?

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The New York Post "breaks" the news that MoveOn seems to have been given a huge discount for its full-page "General Betray Us" ad. And by breaking the news, I mean that the Post ran something that right-wing bloggers have been posting since the day the ad ran on Monday.

MoveOn paid $65,000 for the ad. The rate card lists the price for a full page ad at over $180,000.

Perhaps Keith Kelly should collar Bureau Chief Charles Hurt and explain to him that no one -- NO ONE -- pays what's on the rate card. Even the Post reporter who called was offered a price of $167,000. That's a savings of 7% with no negotiating involved! (Though $167,000 is the asking price for a full-page advocacy ad.)

But if we're all going to pretend that the editorial board and the sales side work hand-in-hand on these sorts of things, why not wonder aloud about the board's seeming disdain for paid political speech (as evidenced by its McCain-Feingold boosterism) or ask--as have a few bloggers from the right--if the discount could be considered an in-kind political contribution?

Besides, if the Post really wanted to make this story sting, it should point out that the Times is in no position to be turning down ad money.

UPDATE: Giuliani keeps the story alive by demanding the same rate.
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