What's Old Is New Again -- And Younger

The Onion Teases Gap in Imagined '4 Kids By Kids' Line

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Well, it's been almost three months since Gap Inc. announced the closing of its 19 Forth & Towne stores nationwide. And with first quarter '07 earnings reports just around the corner, The Onion thinks the nation's largest clothing retailer is wise to forget the 35-plus set and instead refocus attention on one of its most successful brands: Gap Kids.

Aimed at youngsters with a global perspective on capitalism and laborious work ethic, "4 Kids By Kids" brings Malaysian-made threads stateside in line with Gap's figurehead message of cultural peace, love and understanding. After all, "kids love Gap clothes, whether they're making them or wearing them," reports Onion News Network's Brian Scott.

One trendy shopper caught in the act expresses her love for the fine, hand-stitched details.

"It's like having a pen pal," she beams, before the camera pans to a pair of white jeans with "Help Me" scrawled across the left inseam.

Edgy stuff, but like Paris Hilton's Bazaar twist of fate, the prank is sometimes all too prescient.

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