YouTube 2.0

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If you consider to be the first 20 minutes of "America's Funniest Home Videos," where there's a never-ending supply of silliness filmed by people of questionable filmmaking talent, then new sites like, and are looking to be the last ten minutes - when the best videos go home with cash.

Okay, so nobody's going to go home with $10,000 after the votes of a few audience members, but the new model - as examined by the New York Times - would allow "pros" to open accounts, upload their own films and make money based on the traffic they bring to the site (less the site's expenses, natch).

Bob Youg, chief executive of Lulu Enterprises, told the New York Times his model is based on the classic television broadcasting world of ratings: "The problem with that model is that it's very capital-intensive and it's so limited. On the internet, there's an infinite number of channels. There's no reason why there can't be several hundreds of different 'Friends'-like shows because the market is so vast."
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