The YouTube Awards Announced

Tay Zonday Wins for Chocolate Rain

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The winners of the YouTube Awards have been announced and while you can get a list of said winners from this story, what you can't get is links to, you know, the actual videos. Earth to the Associated Press: You can use this whole world wide webs thingamajig to link to stuff. You can even embed video. Anyway, the summary of what you need to know is as follows. Obama Girl didn't win for politics. Rather, some lame, muddle-headed montage of moral relativism and childish thinking (there, I said it) won in that category. Oh, aren't we all just alike and can't we all just get along? Short answer: "No. And no. So shut up about it already." More video after the jump, including my favorite.

Tay Zonday's Chocolate Rain, which was later repurposed for Dr Pepper, took home an award as well. Below is the original. Here's a link to Dr Pepper's Cherry Chocolate Rain.

But here's my favorite of the winners, which I hadn't even heard of before this morning. It's called "The Guild" and won for best series. It tracks a group of virtual world gamers as they struggle with "reality." And I like it because it reconfirms all my smug assumptions about gamers and virtual worlders! Also, it's funny.

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