YouTube Beating Networks Like A Red-Headed Stepchild

Still Preferred Choice for Video

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Well, that plan to take on YouTube has so far worked. Poorly. Since Viacom ordered YouTube to take down 100,000 clips of its copyrighted material, ranging from Stephen Colbert to SpongeBob, the video sharing sites traffic jumped 14%, according to our number-crunching friends over at Hitwise. Research Director LeeAnn Prescott writes that as of Tuesday, YouTube was the 12th most visited internet domain in the U.S., behind the MySpace domains, Google, Yahoo domains, Hotmail, MSN, eBay, Live Search, and Facebook.

And in worse news for TV networks trying to take on YouTube, during the first full week in February YouTube's traffic beat the combined traffic to all of the network websites. Writes Ms. Prescott: "This is a landmark event in the changing face of web traffic and entertainment consumption, now that entertainment seekers are now more likely to go to YouTube than any other television network or gaming website."

But hey, you can't find comedy like this crazy impression-dropping fool, courtesy of Micropersuader and Ad Age Digital Columnist Steve Rubel, on NBC. At least outside of Thursday night. Or maybe this Saturday, when Rainn Wilson hosts SNL.
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