Stat of the Day: 37% of Newspaper Subscribers Are Habitual

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The main reason newspapers subscribers get a local paper.
The main reason newspapers subscribers get a local paper. Credit: Ad Age /Ipsos Observer

More than a third of local newspaper subscribers do so partly out of habit. Thankfully, less than 10% renew purely out of habit. In our monthly Ad Age /Ipsos Observer American Consumer survey, we dug a little into what the remaining newspaper subscribers are looking for when they sign up for the year.

Half said it was the local news that was the main driver but one in five said coupons were what compelled them to pick it up off the porch each morning.

The argument has been made that Craigslist killed the multibillion-dollar classified business and replaced it with a network of websites making a small fraction of that . With the rise of social couponing, newspapers are looking at the next massive hit to their bottom line. At least Groupon, Living Social and the thousands of others have the capitalistic decency to make a bunch of money in the process.

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