Eight Numbers From the Past Week That Will Help Drive Your Business

Ad Age Rounds Up the Most Important Trends Being Reported in Advertising and Marketing

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Each week a lot of data gets reported about media, marketing, demographics and consumer trends. We can't possibly blog about it all so we have a corresponding Twitter feed (@adagestat) where we curate links that you shouldn't miss. Here's a round-up of the biggest numbers from last week:

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EMarketer projected ad spending on social networks to hit $3.3 billion this year, with $220 million on social games alone. That number is projected to grow to $293 million in 2011. The biggest gains will be outside the U.S.

Just 42% of Americans say they consider TV to be a necessity. In 2006, this figure was 64%.

Edelman Digital released its latest Asia Pacific Digital Brand Index. The study tracks the most talked-about technology brands online. One key finding: Half of brand-related online "conversations" in Asia now happen on Twitter (via @edelmandigital).

Wired made a big splash with its "Web is Dead" cover story. The premise is worth discussing, but here's just one debunking of the methodology (via @boingboing).

The number of people who searched for information on local businesses via their mobile devices jumped 14% from last year to 17.3 million, outpacing the overall mobile growth of 10%, according to a study by the Yellow Pages Association.

From AdAgeStat and Ad Age:
New Census housing stats were released: 48% of homes have a "dining room" but no word on how often people actually eat in them.

More people tweet their Foursquare check-ins than tweet about Justin Bieber.

"For many women over the age of 50, one of the most important considerations in their lives isn't the things that they are acquiring themselves but the things they are acquiring for other people. It's the icons to their affection to someone else," said Paco Underhill in a Q&A with Ad Age.

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