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Ad Age's Exclusive Ranking of Retail Check-ins

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Valentine's Day has given two major retailers a big lift in Foursquare check-ins. While each week we present the most-checked venues, we also keep an eye on the marketers with the biggest changes. While their 1,216 and 1,777 total check-ins, respectively, aren't enough to make our top 10, Hallmark and Victoria's Secret jumped about 200% in the week leading up to V-day. Are people not concerned with tipping their gift-giving hand by shouting their shopping locations?

Skimming down the list, Whole Foods continues to outpace Trader Joe's -- which ranks at No. 14 with 6,894 this week. Home Depot (No.12) edges out Lowe's (No.15) 9,799 to 6,894. Barnes and Noble (No. 13) will likely widen its lead on rival Borders (No. 21) as the newly bankrupt bookseller continues to shutter stores.

And Starbucks once again has as many check-ins as the next five retailers combined.

1 Starbucks Starbucks 158,197 4%
2 McDonald's McDonald's 54,599 6%
3 Walmart Walmart 34,931 6%
4 Target  Target 34,451 18%
5 Apple Apple 17,930 13%
6 Best Buy Best Buy 15,138 15%
7 Costco Costco 12,563 1%
8 Chipotle Chipotle 12,080 15%
9 Burger King Burger King 11,224 1%
10 Whole Foods Market Whole Foods Market 10,248 7%

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