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Ad Age's Exclusive Ranking of Retail Check-ins

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A correction has been appended to this article.

While SXSW was in full-swing -- and making the transition from interactive to music -- Starbucks had turned 40 and the iPad 2.0 was out in the world. It could have been a big let-down week for check-ins, especially as Starbucks had nearly crested 200,000 the previous week. But things were actually up in most corners of our check-in chart. One retailer trying to feel some more check-in love is Radio Shack. Offering 10% discounts to anyone who makes a purchase in the store -- 20% if it's your first check-in at the location -- the electronics retailer has nearly doubled its usual check-in total for the week, but still falls far short of our top 10 list behind brands like Vons, Sears, Urban Outfiters and Dollar Tree. Maybe these kinds of results will increase with the Foursquare version 3.0 feature showing all deals nearby. We certainly noticed more deals than we would have otherwise, and it's a handy way to find discounts even as you're just walking down the street.

As SXSW showed us, Foursquare will have a lot of competition gunning for it as the location-based services and the daily-deal services race to merge these two spaces and compete for market share.

Here's your weekly top 10 chart.

1 Starbucks Starbucks 185,449 7%
2 McDonald's McDonald's 75,383 21%
3 Walmart Walmart 46,224 23%
4 Target  Target 41,671 18%
5 Apple Apple 25,929 3%
6 Best Buy Best Buy 18,480 4%
7 KFC KFC 17,797 18%
8 Costco Costco 15,425 13%
9 Chipotle Chipotle 14,575 6%
10 Burger King Burger King 14,445 17%

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Correction: A previous version of this story under-counted check-ins at Radio Shack locations by omitting check-ins that misspelled "Radio Shack."

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