Was the Super Bowl Super for Foursquare?

Ad Age's Exclusive Ranking of Retail Check-ins

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Well, the real check-in news of the week in Foursquare-land was its first "promoted venue" tie-in with the Super Bowl. More than 200,000 people checked-in at the big game with the opportunity to earn a Steelers or Packers badge for "shouting" your support for one of the teams. Those who checked-in could also get a discount at the NFL.com store as a "nearby" special. It's an interesting idea and we're curious how Foursquare will use it in coming months.

Did Super Bowl snacking impact check-in data for the week? It's hard to say. Saturday was a big shopping day at some places. Wal-Mart, Costco and Sam's Club all posted daily check-in totals that were noticeably higher than a typical Saturday. But Target , Whole Foods and Trader Joe's didn't really show any change. Factor in the blizzard that shut down a lot of the country for some of the week and you'd expect a bump on Saturday from people who needed to re-stock after some house-bound days.

1 Starbucks Starbucks 151,948
2 McDonald's McDonald's 51,675
3 Walmart Walmart 33,035
4 Target  Target 29,270
5 Apple Apple 15,887
6 Best Buy Best Buy 13,129
7 Costco Costco 12,749
8 Burger King Burger King 11,060
9 Chipotle Chipotle 10,548
10 Ikea Ikea 10,161

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