The Hispanic Population and Seven Numbers You Need to Know from the Week

Ad Age Rounds Up the Most Important Trends Being Reported in Advertising and Marketing

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Each week a lot of data gets reported about media, marketing, demographics and consumer trends. We can't possibly blog about it all, so we have a corresponding Twitter feed (@adagestat) where we curate links that you shouldn't miss. Here's a round-up of the biggest numbers from past week:

From Ad Age:

An AdAgeStat Q&A with Tammy Erickson about why Gen X is great and the Boomers need to make room.

The (slow) ad jobs rebound continues. Agency jobs rose for 6th month. Media jobs up too.

In 2010 Census, 33% of Hispanics will be under the age of 18, and 62% will be under the age of 34.

134,256,499 plays of "Blendtec's Will it Blend," make it the top viral marketing video of all time. See the rest of the top 10, including some newish videos gaining fast on the leader board.

From around the Web:

40% of new U.S. homes with TVs this fall will be Hispanic households. That's 400,000 new Hispanic TV households. The total numbers of Hispanic households is now almost as many as African-Americans households.

"Annual income per paywall subscriber on and is just a quarter of that from subscribers to U.K. quality dailies' print editions, The problem with that, these numbers would suggest -- even if all digital readers pay, publishers may need to double annual income per online customer to get there (i.e., hike from £2 to £4 a week, and the iPad edition from £9.99 a month to £19.99). How's this for a corollary? If that sounds bad, imagine the situation for publishers whose websites are not starting charging." Via Paid Content.

In 2009, 40 states saw unemployment compensation double. 27 states allocated more than $1B for unemployment, according to IRS data.

Top reason consumers buy in stores instead of online? Shipping costs, says Compete Inc.

64% of Americans believe they will never be able to retire. Thanks, economy (via Edelman's

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