Foursquare's Grocery Wars

#brandstats Looks at How Whole Foods and Trader Joe's Stack up on the Popular Check-in Service

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As a new feature on AdAgeStat, #brandstats will look at an interesting brand and pick apart some of its vital statistics.

Trader Joe's vs. Whole Foods. Each brand has its loyalists. Each has its own culture and aesthetic. Both chains have roughly $8 billion in sales. Trader Joe's has more locations with roughly 350, concentrated in California. Whole Foods has 270 locations, with a flagship in Austin. Trader Joe's stores sell an estimated $1,750 in merchandise per square foot, more than double Whole Foods, according to CNN/

But we know the question burning in all your minds: Which wins on the Foursquare check-in service?

Whole Foods. No question.

Whole Foods v. Trader Joes - Foursquare
Whole Foods vs. Trader Joe's check-ins on Foursquare

Using social-media tracking service Trendrr, AdAgeStat analyzed check-in trends at the two grocers. Looking at the last week of October, Whole Foods had 35% more check-ins than Trader Joe's, despite having fewer locations. Each day during the period from October 24 to October 31, Whole Foods outperformed Trader Joe's by an average of 500 check-ins. More men than women checked in at both brands, likely representing the demographic of Foursquare better than the demographic of the grocery shoppers. Whole Foods has also undertaken some in-store promotion of Foursquare and encourages shoppers to check-in.

The totals, for those keeping score: 11,696 check-ins at Whole Foods to 7,707 at Trader Joe's.

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