Stat of the Day: Almost Half of Moms 'Like' Your Brand Without You Doing a Thing

New Survey Shows Moms Are Proactive in Searching Out Brands on Social Channels

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Ok, Father's Day is over. Hope the dads enjoyed their golf games and are all wearing their new ties. Now, let's get back to talking about Mobile Moms.

There's a lot of talk about how important it is to drive Facebook likes for your brand to build an audience and build engagement in order to keep your brand's news in the feed. There's less talk about how to actually get people to like your page. According to this survey, you don't necessarily need to do much at all. Thirty-one percent of moms sampled here proactively sought out brands they liked on Facebook and another 11% liked a brand after they saw that their friends had liked the it. If we assume that some of the "other/NA" and article-based likes weren't directed by the brand, we start getting to a majority of moms liking a brand without the brand having to market at all. The survey was conducted by Mom-entum -- part of social-media agency Big Fuel -- and SheSpeaks, a women's social-engagement platform (which we'll note isn't representative of the overall population).

How Mom's Find Brands on Facebook chart

Some other quick findings:

  • About two-thirds of moms (68%) don't mind having brands contact them through social media if they feel the content is relevant to them.
  • 62% say that a positive product experience is the biggest motivator for them to talk with others about a brand. 33% most wanted to share coupons with friends.
  • 72% trust the content of a brand/product website, followed by third-party content on Facebook (68%) or articles (68%)
  • 29% report that email is still the top way that they want to hear from companies

    You can get the full study here.

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