Black Friday Big for Brands on Foursquare

Ad Age's Exclusive Ranking of Check-ins on Shopping's Biggest Day

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One motivation for location-based check-ins is an event-like atmosphere. People want to tell their friends that they were taking part in something BIG. On most days, shopping lacks that element of bragging, but Black Friday should by all accounts be a big day for checking in while checking out the door busters. Here is our look at the most-checked-in retail outlets on Foursquare for the Big Day.

Despite big Black Friday/Foursquare promotions and discounts, RadioShack and Sports Authority failed to crack the top 10. Toys "R" Us also had a strong showing on Thanksgiving day, when the retailer opened at 10 p.m. for those shoppers who weren't too stuffed with turkey to leave their houses. We should mention that we excluded non-retailers from this chart, otherwise Starbucks would lead with more than 25,000 check-ins. This chart was produced in partnership with Trendrr, the real-time business intelligence tracking service created by New York digital agency Wiredset.

1 <a href='  -corp/283' class='directory_entry' title='Ad Age Directory'>Target  </a> Target 17,872
2 <a href='' class='directory_entry' title='Ad Age Directory'>Walmart</a> Walmart 12,639
3 Best Buy Best Buy 10,565
4 Toys 'R' Us Toys "R" Us 8,998
5 <a href='' class='directory_entry' title='Ad Age Directory'>Apple</a> Apple 5,334
6 <a href='' class='directory_entry' title='Ad Age Directory'>Kohl's</a> Kohl's 5,029
7 <a href='' class='directory_entry' title='Ad Age Directory'>Macy's</a> Macy's 4,739
8 Old Navy Old Navy 3,643
9 <a href='' class='directory_entry' title='Ad Age Directory'>Home Depot</a> Home Depot 2,796
10 Costco Costco 2,176

For more about Trendrr, take the Trendrr tour. Questions about this chart? Please email Simon Dumenco (@simondumenco on Twitter).

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