Duke to Win it All, Says the Online Buzz

NCAA Tournament Picks According to Social Media

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Duke will take it all in this year's NCAA tourney -- at least if you believe the buzz on the social-media sphere.

Our partners on this project at NetBase have compiled the first AdAgeStat exclusive social-media bracket. And there's no contest. The Blue Devils will be getting the cheesy montage to "One Shining Moment," after beating University of Florida. University of North Carolina and University of Kansas round out the Final Four.

NetBase charted both online buzz and sentiment for us. It collected the data beginning with Selection Sunday up until the start of the tournament on Tuesday. We chose to complete our bracket based on the buzz charts, but if University of Texas-San Antonio winds up taking it all, we'll show you what genius the tweeters and bloggers were by unveiling the sentiment-based bracket.

We realize we're a little late getting this out, and it doesn't bode too well that we're already down two games. Tuesday saw Clemson defeat UAB in overtime and University of North Carolina-Asheville take out University of Arkansas-Little Rock in the first play-in games.

Overall, top seeds fared well in our bracket, but there were some upsets as well. Look for Ohio State to go down in the East and keep an eye on a surprising Richmond taking its 12th seed to the Sweet Sixteen in the Southwest.

Here's our complete bracket. We'll check in on it from time to time as the tournament progresses.

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