Who Had the Merriest Christmas (and Boxing Day) on Foursquare?

Ad Age's Exclusive Ranking of Retail Check-ins

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Despite being shut down for Christmas day, our leading retailers generally posted slightly higher check-in numbers this week as the stragglers stocked up on last-minute gifts and bargain hunters hit the sales one last time on the day after Christmas. Judging by the daily totals, the former outnumbered the latter. For each of the top 10 merchants, Thursday was the peak check-in day, with a slight fall-off on Friday and then an obvious bounce on Sunday to not-quite-peak levels.

1 Starbucks Starbucks 139,226 7%
2 Target  Target 48,611 11%
3 McDonald's McDonald's 48,264 2%
4 Walmart Walmart 43,467 13%
5 Best Buy Best Buy 25,029 19%
6 Apple Apple 20,570 5%
7 Costco Costco 13,834 5%
8 Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble 11,038 12%
9 Chipotle Macy's 10,418 25%
10 Home Depot Burger King 9,792 N/A

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