How Do Daily Check-ins Add Up?

Ad Age's Exclusive Ranking of Retail Foursquare Check-In Data

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The first full back-to-work week of the new year finds check-ins down across the board at our top merchants. Digging a little deeper into the data, Starbucks is certainly a place visited daily and habitually by many coffee-chugging check-in-ers (checkers-in?). It takes a little dip on the weekends but overall everyday check-ins are pretty flat.

That's not so at retailers such as Target , Walmart, Best Buy, Ikea and Costco, all of whom have fairly similar patterns to their daily totals. Wednesday seems to be the day to avoid the lines, as the U-shaped chart takes a midweek dip. Then the check-ins ramp up to a big spike on Saturday (often twice the Wednesday total) before slipping slightly on Sunday and taking a huge drop-off to start the week. McDonald's looks more like Starbucks but Chipottle seems to benefit from a weekday lunch crowd as its weekend check-ins fall off. The only one of our top 10 merchants with no consistent pattern is Burger King. We'll keep an eye on that over the coming weeks and see if it starts to level out, too.

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1 Starbucks Starbucks 157,749 -7%
2 McDonald's McDonald's 52,647 -4
3 Walmart Walmart 32,608 -10%
4 Target  Target 32,024 -9%
5 Apple Apple 17,555 -15%
6 Best Buy Best Buy 14,315 -12%
7 Costco Costco 12,586 -11%
8 Chipotle Chipotle 11,276 -5%
9 Ikea Ikea 10,711 -17%
10 Burger King Burger King 10,633 -7

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