Stat of the Day: The Agency Report Edition

Five Small But Important Bites to Take Away From Our DataCenter Report

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The big, sexy number to come out of Ad Age 's agency report is that more than 30% of U.S. agency revenue, representing more than 10 billion dollars, comes from digital operations. Those are some nice, big round numbers. Growth wise, that 's up nearly five percentage points from just two years ago.

The agency report is the result of months of effort from our DataCenter team. It has information on nearly 1,000 U.S. agencies, networks and holding companies as well as key accounts, specialties execs and profiles. If you're a DataCenter subscriber, you likely know all of this, and you'll know that a subscription is a steal.

If you're not a subscriber yet, we've made a video tour, narrated by Mr. AdAgeStat, to walk you through the highlights.

Advertising Age Player

Here are five other stats from the report as a teaser.

The 2011 revenue of the big four holding companies (WPP, Omnicom Group, Publicis Groupe , and Interpublic Group of Cos.) is almost twice as large as the revenue of the rest of the top 50 combined -- $45 billion to $23.7 billion.

With just over $1 billion in worldwide revenue, Wunderman ranked first in Ad Age 's first ranking of worldwide digital agencies.

Digital-media jobs are up 37,400 since the start of the recession and 49,400 since the post dot-com-bubble low, based on Ad Age analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

286 agencies listed social media revenue, totaling $493 million, up 53.7% from 2010.

Worldwide revenue for the top 10 public-relations networks grew 10.4%, nearly twice the growth rate seen in the U.S. for 241 agencies reporting PR revenue. Those U.S. agencies' revenue rose 5.3%.

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