Stat of the Day: Kids Take all the Fun Out of Shopping

New Data From BabyCenter Shows Moms Are Stressed, Cost-Conscious

By Published on . for BabyCenter

It's safe to say that we all know mommyhood changes shopping behavior. Some changes are obvious. "We never used to ever set foot in Babies R Us, and now I'm there every couple of weeks," said Rosemary, the Howard county mom in Ad Age 's Consumer Project. Others are less obvious. "I think I shop less for myself, and I shop more for [my daughter.]" The changes carry over into other categories, such as financial services, hotels and travel and cars (or perhaps minivans.)

But for many moms, one change is that it seems to take all the fun out of shopping. Before they have kids, women described shopping as "relaxed," "impulsive," and "social." Being out with their friends is fun. That all changes when their shopping companion no longer pushes a cart, but rides in one. Moms find shopping "rushed" (258 index compared to general population), "stressful" (188 index), and "overwhelming" (167 index), according new data from the American Mom Report from BabyCenter and ComScore, released exclusively to AdAgeStat.

It's no wonder, then, that they do so much shopping online and using mobile -- even while in retail stores. Forty percent have shopped using a mobile browser in the past 30 days, according to the survey. They're all for anything they can do to save time/effort in the shopping process --- including new tools and new online support communities. Moms were more than three times as likely to text a picture of a product before purchasing it.

Moms view shopping as competitive in terms of saving and are much more likely to scan a bar code or QR code to save money -- even for savings under $5.

One final takeaway is that moms tend to be on the leading edge of shopping trends. So even if this isn't your market specifically, you might want to pay attention to their behaviors now before you see them in your customers tomorrow.

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