Stat of the Day: How Emerging Markets Do Mobile

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In our consumer issue, we introduced you to the MIST markets. As a refresher, MIST countries -- Mexico, Indonesia, S. Korea and Turkey -- are the successors to the BRIC (Brazil, Russian, India and China) counties in terms of next big economies for marketers and investors to watch.

Today we thought we'd dive in a little more and look at the mobile habits with some data provided by Rosetta Marketing. Each country is forecast to be among the top 15 in annual real growth in GDP between now and 2050, according to PwC, but they'll get there in very different fashions.

Indonesia and S. Korea have greater than twice the adoption rates of mobile technologies of Turkey and are also higher than the U.S. and Mexico. Turkey isn't going to catch up overnight. The survey shows that residents are planning to buy fewer mobile devices in the next 12 months than consumers in the other MIST countries. The most tech-engaged segment is just as hungry for new iPads and tablets while the least tech-engaged is actually slightly more likely to pick up a tablet in the next 18 months.

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