Stat of the Day: One in Five Want to Order Booze at Lunch

But Do Enough of Us Take a Lunch Break for That to Matter?

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While it's not likely that the Don Draper-era days of boozy business meetings will ever return, a good chunk of Americans still aren't afraid to knock back a cocktail or cold one on lunch break. Some 20% of us are inclined to order an alcoholic beverage at lunch, according to a new survey. The study comes from, you guessed it, a booze purveyor -- an Italian imported beer brand called Birra Moretti, which obviously has a vested interest in stirring up a little bit more noontime drinking. Also note that the survey tallies lunchers who are "inclined" to order an adult beverage, so it doesn't mean they actually do, just that they would not rule it out.

Lunchbreak chart

For the most part Americans are still chained to their desks at lunch, with less than 20% using their full lunch break and 9% not taking any time for lunch at all, according to the survey. In Italy, on the other hand, 100% of people take a lunch break, including 79% who leave their workplace, Birra Moretti reports. And when they are gone, the Italians might be drinking, with 48% saying they are inclined to order booze.

Birra Moretti -- a Heineken-owned brand imported by Total Beverage Solution -- released the survey to promote a series of lunch events it's holding this summer in New York City in which "pop-up" cafes will serve four-course Italian meals and, of course, beer. Tickets are on sale at

What we're wondering is how many of you out there in adland drink at lunch. If not, why not? If so, why? Are you noticing more or less people ordering a drink at lunch? Would you take a longer lunch if it were a liquid lunch? The comment section is now open.

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