Stat of the Day: Tablet Owners Spend More Time Online Overall

Device Owners of All Ages Spend Average of 90 More Minutes a Day Surfing

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Mary Meeker, formerly of Morgan Stanley and now with venture capitalists Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, recently gave her annual presentation on the state of technology. Accompanied by her now-famous slide deck she showed how the iPad is smoking its iBrethren like the iPod and iPhone (and of course every other tablet) in terms of growth in unit sales. Tablets, it seems, are becoming pretty popular these days. So a new study from Knowledge Networks further should open some eyes:

Adult tablet owners age 18-64, the study found, spend almost four and a half hours on the internet each day compared with three hours for non-tablet owners. Interestingly, not all of that difference is made up for with the 55 minutes they spend on the internet with the tablets themselves.

One of the most popular activities is social media. Gen-Xers spend about 45 minutes a day tablet-surfing Facebook and the like. Even Boomers are spending 20 minutes a day hitting social sites on their tablets.

Can you say fragmentation? As Ad Age said in a 1983 special report, "Is there anything trickier than tracking today's media?"

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