Stat of the Day: TV Usage in Emerging Markets Data Shows Some Countries Have Large Populations Who Claim to Watch Little or No Programming

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TV usage in emerging markets
TV usage in emerging markets

Recently, we looked at how emerging markets (specifically the so-called MIST countries of Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey) are adopting mobile technologies. Each of these markets sees mobile technology keeping pace and in some cases dwarfing online penetration.

Today we look at the flip side: How do emerging markets use -- or not use -- traditional media? In the U.S., at least, I've found that people who don't watch TV tend to announce this fact within about 90 seconds of meeting you at cocktail parties, somehow shoehorning it into discussions of any topic:

"Hey, it's really warm for January."
"I wouldn't know, I don't own a television so I don't see the forecasts."

How you say, "I don't watch TV" in Russian?

According to a report from nearly a third of Russians claim to watch little or no TV -- despite a vast majority of Russian households owning television sets. Uganda follows with 25%. Interestingly, some of the counties on this list also have high percentages who watch A LOT of TV -- three or more hours a day. Uganda has 19% in this group, Russia has 14% and Brazil dwarfs all other emerging nation with 31% in the super potato cohort.

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