Stat of the Day: Americans Spent 53 Billion Minutes on Facebook in March

Average User Spent 5.8 Hours on Site in Month, Adding up to Cumulative 100,000 Years

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Americans spent a cumulative 100,000 years on Facebook in March. That's a number so big even we can't get our heads around it. We thought about putting together a "what can happen in 100,000 years" post but once we layered in, well, all of recorded history, it got kind of silly.

How about: If you had a nickel for every minute spent on Facebook in March, you'd have more than $2.6 billion?

Still not doing it?

Ok, then let's keep it apples to apples. 100,000 years is 53 billion minutes, which parses out to 5.8 hours per user. Or 12 minutes per day.

Ah. That's better.

Let's put that in context. In 2009, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spent 8.7 hours a night sleeping. Men spent just 16 minutes a day doing housework (women spent 36 minutes). Exercise? 18 minutes. Religious and spiritual activities? Nine minutes. You get the picture.

So while we certainly spend a lot of time on this new activity, it hasn't totally eaten away at everything else we do. Yet. But that 73 minutes we spend eating sure looks like something we could cut to spend more time Facebooking, eh?

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