20th Century Fox Offers Ex-Cellent Instruction

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20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox "Be My Ex"
Breaking up is hard enough without your new ex unleashing her superpowers in your general direction. To that end, it's a shame Luke Wilson's character in the upcoming My Super Ex-Girlfriend from 20th Century Fox didn't have access to the movie's promotional website, created by L.A.-based online marketing house Jetset Studios—it could have saved him a ton of Uma Thurman-fueled heartache.

Unlike traditional movie websites, BeMyEx.com goes above and beyond the standard cast bios, plot summaries and movie trailers by showcasing completely original content in the form of an instructional video series starring fictional relationship expert Dr. Thorhammer, who presents a step-by-step guide to ending a relationship the right way. "While audiences still enjoy conventional movie website features, we felt that if we created a completely original, stand-alone piece of entertainment, we could really let the audience discover it and have fun with it in a very organic way," says creative director and Jetset co-founder Russell Scott.

As for why they went the instructional video route? "I'm a huge fan of 1950s-70s educational films like 'Duck and Cover,' 'The Wonder of the Atom,'" laughs Scott. "Even more cautionary health-ed films like 'The Dangers of Alcohol' and 'Mary Has a Problem.' In each film, there's always a man of science—a doctor or a scientist—and there's almost always a young couple. The delivery is deadpan, the effect is surreal, and the films are always unintentionally funny. And it's something everyone has seen, either firsthand or as parody. It's in our collective DNA. So as we developed the site concept, it became clear that the instructional film was the ideal metaphor for 'Be My Ex.' After toying with different concepts, we wrote and produced the short films with the help of our friends at [Tucson-based production company] Upstairs Film."

The education doesn't end with the films, as visitors can continue learning about the science of break-ups by taking the "Will You Be My Ex?" compatibility quiz, reading the FAQ, perusing the "Let Them Down Easy" how-to tips and studying the "Top 10 Places to End a Relationship" list. "We actually began with the idea of creating a satirical online resource for people who needed help getting out of a relationship," says Scott. "That alone would have been a great way to get the word out. But by making the film series, the site became much more powerful—it became a complete experience with a sense of history, and that makes all the difference to the audience."
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