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Absolut "The 100 Absolutes"
Turns out there are absolutes in life—100 of them, to be exact. Following up on a new television campaign that introduces the notion of "absolute" favorites in 14 lifestyle categories, Absolut Vodka and Stockholm-based agency Great Works have embarked on a quest to identify The 100 Absolutes. "We define 'absolute' as top notch—unique in its category," says creative director Ted Persson. "We wanted to make people start reflecting that the 'Absolut' in Absolut Vodka isn't just a name. It really means that Absolut is the absolute vodka. And to make this relevant to consumers, we wanted to get them to contribute their views on what's absolute."

Over the next seven weeks, visitors to the campaign's website will be called upon to nominate their personal choices for such categories as Absolute Burger, Absolute Quote, Absolute Movie Villain and 97 others. "[Copywriter] Kristoffer [Triumf] took a close look at what topics our target group is discussing the most on major forums, blogs and websites," says Persson. "Based on this, we came up with the list of the 100 most discussed, engaging, fun and interesting topics." Each topic is represented by a color-coded cube corresponding to one of the six major category types (culture, fashion, food & drink, science & tech, people & places, and miscellaneous). "We wanted to communicate that there are a lot of people from different parts of the world logged on and that there are new submissions all the time," says Persson. "We were inspired by how YouTube, Flickr and other web 2.0 sites communicate all of this, but we wanted to present the site in a more stylish way." By clicking across the sea of cubes on the homepage, visitors can check out what other folks have been submitting, as well as chime in with some suggestions of their own. "Almost all the pages on the website are dynamically rendered based on user submission. And we developed a music engine that seamlessly changes the music according to which sections and which Absolutes are being viewed."

Once the nomination phase is complete, all suggestions will be whittled down to a final ten for each category, which will then be submitted to the public for voting. Look for the final list of 100 Absolutes to be set by the end of 2006.
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