ACLU Dials In With Privacy Concerns

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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has launched a new online film to raise concerns about how the combination of new technology with privacy laws can lead to Big Brother-like situations, driving the point home with a seemingly innocuous phone call to the local pizza joint. In the Flash video, the pizza parlor is privy to details such as the caller's medical records, travel plans, credit card purchases and magazine subscriptions. Viewers see the all-knowing database, designed by New York-based designer and creative director Micah Laaker. "The simplicity of the appearance intentionally belies the disturbing amount of data corporations - and subsequently their lowly-paid, under-supervised staff -- will be sharing," says Laaker. The video precedes the ACLU's Summer Surveillance Campaign, which will kick off in August, when the organization will release a new report detailing the government's use of personal information in the construction of a "Total Surveillance Society" using legislation like the Patriot Act.
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