Axe Gets Paranormally Promiscuous

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Axe - 'Extra Sexual Perception'
Axe - 'Extra Sexual Perception'
Bartle Bogle Hegarty continues the Axe tradition of aiding young men with hook up instruction and broad guarantees of female attention with its latest web offering Though not the traditional Extra Sensory Perception, the fragrance player promises users a gain in Extra "Sexual" Perception by using its new Boost shower gel. Disguised as an informercial-on-the-interweb for "author" The Amazing Mack and his book "The Amazing Secrets of Extra Sexual Perception" the site assures us that "today is the first day of your hook-up future!" You can actually order a free copy of the book, as well as get other freebies like ESP ringtones, buddy icons and wallpaper. There's also a game for you to test your ESP by deciding which one of five fetching nubiles desires you the most. It's all very manly and probably smells alright, too. Just so you know, the swami headgear is not for sale.
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