Axe Scrubs Away Shame

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Axe "Order of the Serpentine"
A clean body leads to a clean conscience, according to the main mantra of the Order of the Serpentine—a clandestine organization dedicated to helping guys recover from the shame of questionable hook-ups. With Axe's new Snake Peel shower scrub as its foundation, the Order's website offers all the tools you need to wash away those dirty feelings, from the Shame Scrubber X669 (an advanced machine that calculates the number of ritual scrubbings needed, depending on the severity of the questionable hook-up) to an online tutorial for learning the Order's secret handshake. Video clips from the investigative show "Exposing the Order of the Serpentine" provide further insight into the organization's inner workings, and recruitment films starring the animated snake Serpee finish off the sell job.
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