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Along with SS+K's "A Fuller Spectrum of News" campaign for comes a new twist—a newer version of Arkanoid for news nerds. Known as Newsbreaker, the game is like Breakout or the famous Ark—bounce a ball around against a paddle, breaking bricks, which reveal power-ups and other goodies. In this case, the goodies are headlines of the day. So you can bounce away all afternoon in a game of uni-Pong and maybe learn a little something.

The site, created along with Fuel Industries, arranges the falling headlines along the right side of the screen for you to view after your last life is lost or you pause the game with the 'p' key. According to SS+K, also in the works and slated for a May launch is an in-cinema game, where patrons move in their seats to control the paddle. Under development by Brand Experience Lab, theaters in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and White Plains, NY will feature the interactive trailer.
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