California Milk Processors Board Chronicles Cow Abductions

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CMPB "Cow Abduction"
Got milk? Apparently one race of aliens didn't...until they started abducting cows from Earth. That's the story behind Goodby, Silverstein & Partners' new campaign for the California Milk Processors Board, which kicked off with the launch of, an online forum where dairy farmers have been documenting and sharing their personal "missing cow" horror stories. "When we first started coming up with the campaign, we imagined farmers having a pretty big role in the TV spots," says copywriter Pat McKay. "But 30 seconds just goes by so fast, so we decided to tease the TV by devoting an entire website to just the farmers. And we thought the most interesting way to do it would be to execute it like a real website, written from the farmers' point of view. Then, when we actually meet the aliens, the whole picture comes into focus."

In addition to photographs, an alien FAQ and descriptions of anti-abduction techniques (including outfitting cows with fake antlers, covering cows with grass camouflage blankets and a diagram for an easy-to-assemble "cow crow"), the site offers compelling video evidence in the form of eye witness testimonials from frustrated farmers. "When making the farmer video, we decided to approach the whole thing like it was a given that alien cow abduction exists," says McKay. "We didn't want the video to be, 'Do you believe in cow abduction?' We wanted it to be, 'What are you doing about cow abduction?' Alien cow abduction is a fact of farm life. The more real it feels, the funnier it'll be. That's why almost every person shown in the video is an actual, working farmer."

The second wave of the campaign beams down on March 13 in the form of TV spots and a second website named, which follows the story from the aliens' point of view as they struggle to extract the "white wonder tonic" from Da Iry, one of the unsuspecting cows they've plucked from the planet below.
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